RPL Assess

Welcome to Australia's first online RPL assessment system - RPL Assess A brand new concept that makes assessing your students quick and easy. RPL Assess demystifies the often mis-understood concept of recognizing a student's previous education and experience.

Backed by 31 years experience in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, RPL Assess is engaged and responsive to the needs of the VET sector. We have created an innovative, user-friendly platform to offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) services to your students.

We have 11,000 units of competency from 35 training packages to choose from. Each Performance Criteria, Performance Evidence, Knowledge Evidence and Assessment Condition has been built into the RPL Assess platform.

How does it work?

Engage with your student and upload their RPL evidence onto RPL Assess. Everything remains in soft copy. No paper, no storage issues.

Now map and assess the evidence.

RPL Assess allows you to numerically 'score' or 'weight' each piece of evidence. RPL Assess tallies the student's RPL application based on your numeric weighting of the evidence. Watch as the evidence builds; check and manage the RPL barometer.

Simply assign documents, certificates, photos, videos, audio files, in fact any and all evidence needed to the respective Performance Criteria; Performance Evidence and Knowledge Evidence.

RPL Assess offers a range of recording and reporting solutions. Everything is loaded directly to the student's online profile ready to be assessed, recorded, stored ready for validation and audit.

Please refer to our User’s Guide

Audit Ready

ASQA requires every RTO to offer a systematic, compliant RPL process to students? RTOs can't push RPL 'under the rug' any longer.

When evaluating an assessment approach, the modern VET sector professional demands mobility, flexibility and innovation. At the same time the assessment system must meet ever increasing regulatory demands. RPL Assess not only meets the needs of the VET sector but surpasses current standards and sets the benchmark for the future. RPL Assess provides a platform that for the first time, seamlessly connects RTOs, assessors and students to recognise and reward the student's previous education and experience.

The assessment judgment is clear, transparent, valid and ready for audit. The system will produce a completion transcript to record the RPL assessment result. Use the transcript to enter the details into your student management system.

Pay As you Go

RPL Assess is a user friendly online system that connects an online RPL assessment system to the RTO, trainers and assessors and students. Assess your students on a unit by unit and student by student basis.

You can register and purchase your first unit of competency in a matter of minutes. You're in complete control: no packages; no accounts; no hassles

  • Register your RTO details and build a profile in minutes. Include your company logo and branding
  • Select your unit, assign your trainer, assign your student
  • As the student completes the assessment, capture the results, offer feedback, select the next unit - it's that easy

With RPL Assess you're not obligated or locked into a package or an account. There's no minimum purchase.

All transactions are processed in Australian dollars (AU$).

Cloud Security

RPL Assess is a cloud-based system with unlimited storage. Yes, we will store your completed student's work for 6 months from the date the student completes the unit of competency at NO CHARGE. The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) requires RTOs to retain all evidence of the student's completed assessment for a period of 6 months. Any and all of your assessment records may be accessed at any time.

Upload documents, charts, files, photos, video, audio files and supplementary assessment. Any and all evidence needed to support the student's RPL application.

RPL Assess utilises Amazon Web Services, a worldwide provider of cloud storage solutions.




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