RTO Manager

As the RTO Manager, you are managing the operation of the RTO and the activities of your assessors and students. This User Guide will assist you to monitor, review and record your RTO's operational activities.

Activities timeline

When you first open your dashboard, the system provides a quick view of your RTO activities during the past 3 months. The dashboard includes an activity table that shows the number of students added to the system and the number of selected units assigned to the students.

This simple statistic indicates how busy your RTO is. Make pro-active decisions and allocate your resources accordingly.

Managing students

Click on; 'Students' in the top menu.

The system displays a list of students, their email address and their activity status.

You can search for the student by name or email address.

'Select Unit' indicates the total number of units assigned to the student. This includes the units that are yet to be completed and units that have been completed. You may assign more units to the student as required.

'Transcript' indicates the unit(s) the student has completed. Your online system will produce a transcript to record the student's progress. The transcript will provide details including the unit code, unit title, the student's result: Competent or Not Yet Competent and the outcome type: either RPL or Assessment.

You may use the data displayed on the transcript to prepare the appropriate testimur.
You may enter this information into your student management system, save and/or print the transcript.

Consider - If the number of units under 'Select Unit' is 5, but the number under; 'Transcript' is 3, you can immediately deduce that the student has been assessed and has completed 3 units and is still progressing through the other 2 units.

Clicking on the Student's Name will allow you to view, update or edit the student's details.

You can search for the student by name or email address.

Managing assigned units for students and assessors

Click on the 'Select Unit' item on the top menu.

The system displays a list of registered units aligned with the respective student and assessor. Each row also shows the program type: RPL or Assessment and the registration status.

The Status icon indicates the student has completed the unit.

The Status icon indicates the student is still working on the unit.

You can view, update or edit the student or assessor details by clicking on the name of the student or the assessor respectively.
You can click on the edit pen to edit this unit registration. Where a student chooses not to continue, it allows you to reallocate the unit to different student and assessor.

At times, perhaps, you would like to view and confirm the units registered to a particular student and their assessor. You can enter the name of the student in the search box and click search The system will display a list of units registered to this student with their assessor.

Managing assessors

Click on the 'Assessors' item on the top menu.

The system displays a list of assessors and their email address and the number of students assigned to the assessor.

You can send the login to the assessor by clicking on the assessor's name, tick the checkbox 'Check to send login to Assessor' and then Update. You can also update the Assessor's details.

As the RTO manager, you can log in as the assessor. Click on the name of the assessor to edit the assessor's details, and then click on the 'Login As User' button.

As the RTO manager, the system will let you 'Login As User' and view everything the assessor has access to. This feature allows you to review and validate the assessor and student activity across all units. You may also review and validate the student's record and assessment activities for auditing purpose. The system will log your activities while you are logged in as the assessor.

Clicking on the number under: 'Students' will list all the students assigned to the assessor and the corresponding units registered to the students.

Activate units and purchased history

Click on; 'Units' in the top menu.

If you have any registered units to a student but have not yet activated (paid), the system will display the list of the units and invite you to check out.

You can also check your purchasing history by clicking on the link on; 'Purchased History' at the top right.

Each purchase has a unique transaction ID and a timestamp. The transaction details the cost of each unit with the name of the assigned student. The transaction details can be useful for your billing and account reconciliation.

Managing your RTO profile

Your name is displayed at the top right of you computer screen.

Click on your name to open the drop menu:

  • Account:
    • Allows you to change your RTO and contact details.
  • Settings:
    • # Submit allows: 3 (The number of times a student can submit their answer)
      RPL enabled: yes (Allow the assessor to access the RPL functions)


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